Prologue II

1618230_10152166544819038_1592244413_oSo Lyndon left the band for pastures new, but before he moved away we wanted to release something to celebrate the journey we’d taken together and also fill the suggested gap left by releasing a little something last year called Prologue I!

The initial idea of Prologue I was a retrospective on the music we made as The Ubiquity Project, some tracks reworked for a live band along with a demo or a remix or two.  Prologue II is similar, the songs are rewordings and live recordings of old music that we wanted to share.

Check it out here or own it for £1 from

Below is an explanation behind each of the three songs on Prologue II written by Lyndon:


It was my all time favourite song until Ubik came along, but we could never master it live. We played it once during the days when we were known as ‘The Ubiquity Project’ (TUP – a name later adopted by our label), and the song appeared on the same self titled album which sparked the birth of Noise Trade. It’s had a bit of a rebirth, but everything you hear we played live together which was a feat in itself!!*

(*Noise Trade’s fun fact: To get it right we shifted about a little. Chris plays the piano and Graeme was on bass, Max and I stuck to what we’re good at, but everybody sings! The original track had an unworkable number of vocal layers on it, but here we kept it to four, but it still sounds great)

Minds Eye Blind

One of our most beloved songs. It was once described to me as our “cutest song”, but that I think is due to the unforgettable performances of Chris up front. It was also written back in the TUP days, but after regularly gigging it we really wanted to give the respect it deserves and let it out of its Chris sized cage **
(**Noise Trade’s fun fact: the original recording of the song involved Graeme and I recording drums together for the outro at the same time and on the same drum kit!! – somewhere on YouTube there is a video of this madness – Thankfully I managed to work out a way of capturing the same vibe which meant we never had to do it live)

Dancing in the Rain (Acoustic)

Not a song we’ve played often. It’s straightforward in its construction and tells a simple tale of love lost, love found – profound! – but we discovered a while ago that whilst we had a full band version (again, on the TUP album), it really comes alive when you strip it down to basics, so please enjoy Graeme and Max’s acoustic version of Dancing***
(***Noise Trade’s fun fact: I wrote the song with Graeme using a few chords and some inspired lyrical writing – this was a one off, my Octopus’s Garden so to speak! I think you can agree that G&M do the song justice, and grateful that they have kept it in the back catalogue).

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Good afternoon everyone.

Echoes finally got released on the 25th of May and to celebrate we had a big ol’ fashioned knees up!  Together with Hubcap Promotions, Producktions (light and sound) and a few good bands (Bear & the Woods and Kicking Television) we played an extended set which included the whole EP from start to finish. Epic!

“Where can we buy the EP?”: well you can buy it on iTunes of course, if you don’t like iTunes, you can search Amazon… if you don’t like them, there are lots of other random places like here, here or here… but to be honest there is nothing like getting hold of the real thing like these guys:


Thanks to everyone who has already bought a copy and we hope you enjoyed it.  We’re not precious about these sorts of things, so feel free to lend, swap and give the CD away to whoever you think will like it.  Spread the word, spread the noise… better still create an online website that sells burned copies of the CD for 50p a pop, this way we really will be Noise Trade.

Upcoming shows:

Plenty of chance to come see us play live, we are even branching outside of Berkshire!!

June 21st – The Purple Turtle / Reading
July 11th – Pavlov’s Dog / Reading
July 17th – Dublin Castle / Camden, London (!)
August 17th – WickedFest / Reading

Finally, here are some pictures of the release party:


…and here is a picture of us at Swanfest rocking the EP acoustic-style:


Enjoy your weekend!!

Lyndon / Noise Trade



Hello world! So we’ve been quiet, we know, we’re sorry. BUT, we’ve been working on something that we hope you all will enjoy and it’s ready!  Well, almost, but ready enough to give the (not so secret) game away.  Our new EP “Echoes” will be released through Ubiquity Project Records on Saturday 25th May!


Echoes will have four new tracks recorded by us over the winter at Silver Street Studios, we have played a couple of them live once or twice and they went down really well. We hope you’ll enjoy the other two just as much.  Echoes represents a slightly different direction to our older recorded material and perhaps is the culmination of the changes started back when we renamed ourselves to Noise Trade.  As artists we continue to evolve and that process is always a slow one, but we really feel that these four tracks sit together as a whole and represent where we are at the moment. We are incredibly proud of the EP and can’t wait to share it with you all.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!… wait, what do you mean it’s almost February??


Evening all.

So 2012 has been great for us, but we hope 2013 will better!

Firstly, gigs.  We are playing live at the Queens Arms on Great Knollys St in Reading on the 2nd February with the very wonderful Violet Class, Terrics and the Cottenettes.  It’s a fiver to get in, but you can save a £1 here by buying in advance:

Doors 8pm till very late; £3 a pint £2.50 a shot (if you’re so inclined).


We have some exciting prospects lined up in the summer so I suggest you keep you eyes affixed to Facebook and arrange absolutely no trips abroad at all for the forthcoming months.

Secondly, the EP.  Well what can we say, it’s on schedule for release on the Ubiquity Records in May/June time.  These songs are slowly creeping into our live set, so even more reason to come see us.

Thirdly.  Speaking of the Ubiquity Records.  Some lovely things coming up:

1) The August List and Vienna Ditto are playing at College Arms in Reading, tomorrow!!

2) Bear & the Woods have released another EP entitled Sink or Swim.  You can buy it here.

3) A ubiquitous gig in the future?? Maybe…

So eyes wide, stand up straight and ears ajar, we’ll speak with you soon.

Long live fruit cake,

Noise Trade / Lyndon x

Some acoustic music for y’all.

Last week we quietly rocked up to Woody’s Open Mic Night to play a few songs for the nice people of Farnborough.

I Won’t Hold Back

Whatever It Takes

Out Of Time

We also played our semi final of Hubcap Promotions Battle of the Bands and successfully progressed to the final which will be played on Saturday December 8th.  Here are some photos…

Prologue I and the Battle of the Bands! (plus a bit extra)


Some years ago Graeme, Max, Chris and Lyndon set about recording some tunes.  It really is about time that we shared them with you as Noise Trade.  So, it’s with great pleasure we give you PROLOGUE I (click the image above).  Three tracks, free to download or stream at your leisure.  Enjoy and rest assured there are more where these came from!

Last week we also won the first heat of Battle of the Bands run by Hubcap Promotions.  This was a bit insane in truth, we all seemed to have some sort of outer body experience.  So the upside of this was we all had a great night and we get to play in the Semi’s next week.  Can’t say better than that!

So come support the Noise Boys (we’re trying to make this a thing) on Saturday 17th @ the College Arms on Wokingham Rd, Reading around 8pm.  Drink promos, live music and FREE ENTRY!!

Here are some wicked live shots from the first battle taken by the very lovely Joe Rideout:


We’re so cool!  But not as cool as you’d be if you came to the semi-final on Saturday!!!

OK, enough self promotion.  UPR buddies The August List are releasing their EP Handsome Skin on Saturday, to help make matters more complicated they are also playing live at the Harcourt Arms in Oxford on saturday too, and appearing on Reading4U radio show at 6pm on Sunday!  So, buy the EP, listen to the radio show and if you really can’t make it to the College Arms we implore you see these guys play!

And if that wasn’t enough Bear and the Woods are playing on Saturday too at the Rising Sun.

We are truely Ubiquitous, so if you haven’t liked the label on Facebook yet, do it now.  Also look out for everyone on twitter, no doubts they’ll be updates galore!

Right! TO BATTLE!!!

Noise Trade / Lyndon

Start of a Journey

This Sunday we’re heading into the studio to start recording some new music. One song, Neverwhere, you may have heard us perform live at our last two shows. It may take us a while to get it perfect, but we’re determined to do just that.  There will be more formal announcements of what we’re working on sometime. But for now, this is just a post to let you know that we’re alive and well and very excited to be working on something new.

This is going to be great!

First of all: A huge thanks to everyone who came to support the Noise Boys at Wickedfest last night. Needless to say, but it was the sweatiest, tiniest and (in my case) bounciest venue so far, but regardless we had an absolute riot.  So thanks to Bones, all the bands that played, and the people who continue to support and motivate us!



Right let’s get to it.

Last night saw us play the first of what will be a new set of material.  This as-yet-un-named-song will eventually become our next single and will also be our first release as Noise Trade under The Ubiquity Project label.  It’s about time to be honest, I mean what have we been doing with ourselves all this time?!

GIG:  So, if you missed us at Wickedfest (shame on you) you’ve got one more chance before we take a hiatus to hibernate into the studio.  This Thursday we’re playing at Plug’n’Play in Reading in the Best Before Fest.  Even if you’re not going to Reading Festival this weekend, this is still a great opportunity to see some absolutely class bands, including our label buddies Kicking Television and my personal recommendation Sleep Room.  This is what you need to know:

  • How much?: £5 (on the door)
  • When?: THIS THURSDAY!! (i.e. the 23rd August)
  • Time?: 7.30pm (we are on stage 7:50pm prompt)
  • Where?: At Plug’n’Play Studios (33-35 Milford Road, Reading, RG1 8LG)
  • Who?: Just about everyone who’s anyone!

Enjoy the rest of the week and we’ll see you on Thursday.

Noise Trade Baker

Important information about WickedFest.

I’m sure you all know that the Face Bar has been closed a while, and why. It was initially intended to reopen in time for WickedFest, but unfortunatly that is not possible.  The long and the shoft of it is this: We are now playing our WickedFest show next door at The Butler venue on SUNDAY 19th AUGUST, a day later. All tickets are still valid and please still do come along and support local music and us!

On a lighter note, we intend to play a couple of new things that we’ve been working on to keep it fresh for those who have been to see us recently already. So please do still come along if you can! Tickets are £5 in advance and £6 on the door.